Why Can’t America Figure Out Healthcare?

Our healthcare system is a mess.

The level of agreement is downright staggering – you know something is up when Fox News and The New York Times are rolling out the same headline. The case that American healthcare is broken practically writes itself:

  • US healthcare is freaking expensive. The US pays more per capita for healthcare than anywhere else in the world, and almost 20% of GDP (total value of everything produced in the country) is spent on healthcare.
  • What do we get for all that spending? The American healthcare system is ranked 37th in the world by overall health performance, between Costa Rica and Slovenia. Can you imagine if we left the Olympics 37th in gold medals? We’d have no choice but to divert half our defense spending to cloning Michael Phelps (actually… that may not be the worst idea).
  • Over 10% of Americans don’t have health insurance, meaning that 1 in 10 Americans pay full sticker price for the care they receive. Oh, did your appendix burst? That life-saving surgery you can’t avoid will cost $33,000. That’s enough money to feed a family of four – FOR TWO YEARS.
  • Navigating the healthcare system can be maddening. Studies say that 61% of people find their medical bills confusing, and over 90% of medical bills have errors.

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Who’s Going to the Super Bowl? Buy or Sell!

Now that the Browns have finished going 0-16, we can finally move on to the less humorous but more exciting part of the NFL season: playoffs! Now seemed like the perfect time to poll my gang of jabroni friends for random thoughts and YouTube clips our panel of experts for rock-solid takes on whose stock to buy or sell heading into the postseason action.

Each team is presented with their odds to reach the Super Bowl (based on VegasInsider.com), along with whether we buy or sell their chances of making the big game at those odds. Let’s get right to it!

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