About Us

Aggressively Moderate is a point of view.

Aggressively Moderate means looking at things from multiple angles, weighing different opinions, exploring nuance and details. Aggressively Moderate does not mean “centrist.” Looking through a balanced and thoughtful lens can reveal a conclusion that is bold, irreverent, joyful, frustrating, funny, or yes – aggressive.

I created Aggressively Moderate as a place to explore and share this point of view, regardless of topic. This is a place to be intrigued about business and emerging tech, infuriated by politics and popular culture, or irrationally enthusiastic about sports and entertainment. This is a place to work through ideas, inspire readers to ask their own questions, and poke fun at the world along the way.

The site was created by Aron Kale. Aron can recite the five consecutive Dodgers Rookie-of-the-Year winners from the 1990s, thinks Rocky IV is one of the three best comedies ever made, and once read a 634-page Economics textbook just so he could be informed when he got angry at people for explaining how they could fix the economy.